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Last updated on Sep 28, 2020 09:48
Posted ByBioxide

- When is the release date?

Currently, we do not have a set release date set for the game.

- What platform will the game release on?

Currently, the game will release on Windows. We have no plans at this time to release on another operating system or game console.

- What store will the game be available on?

While we are using Steam during our pre-alpha,  ultimately we are not aligned to any specific store. This of course could change at any time, all depending on what we feel is the best path to take. Ultimately we could release on Steam, Epic Games Store, or self publish.

- How big is the team? Who is developing the game?

Currently, there is only one developer/programmer, who is building out the game on his own (BioXide). The rest of the team focuses on areas such as Storyline & Lore, Music, Web Development, Systems Administration, Community Management, etc. We have a few contractors helping out with Level Design, 3D Art, and Backend Development.

- Why is it taking so long to come out?

This is mainly a hobby project for us, as we have fulltime jobs and can not make this our primary gig. We work on it whenever we have free time while taking great care in making sure things are being built correctly and are sustainable. The last thing we want is to crank out  a buggy product just to have it released. Because this is a hobby project, it has become a project we want to take great pride in, delivering a game we all truly would want to play. Our team in almost every aspect wants to take our time during development to learning new things, try out different methods of implementation, and to push ourselves to new personal levels in order to make the end product much better. It will eventually come out, just need to be patient.

- What's the plan/roadmap? How do you expect to release the game?

We are currently in pre-alpha and are methodically working our way up to reach alpha (if we had to put a time on that... "hopefully by 2021"). We want to make sure we build a fun and sustainable prototype, something that will help us receive larger funding in the upcoming months in order to properly scale up the development team and start working towards beta, to an eventual release. Once we reach alpha, we will figure out the best method of funding, by either an investor, publisher, crowdfunding, or a massive revamp of the current donation system and in the absolute worst-case scenario, we will self-fund the game and keep things low cost and sustainable.

- When's the next update?

When it's ready™. You may also substitute ready for Soon™. As much as we would love to drop a rigid release schedule, we try and avoid being specific for a reason. In such an early stage, a released plan and "things that can and will go wrong" seem to hold a toxic relationship. If you use Discord, join us (https://discord.gg/mankindreborn)! The team will often speak openly about what is being worked on, drop some fresh leaks, and more. It will be your best source of upcoming updates.

- What engine/development tools are you using?

Unreal Engine 4, C++, GameSparks for the backend. However, we are building our own custom backend in order to part ways with GameSparks in the future.

- What are the system requirements?

We don't have official system requirements, any modern gaming computer is likely to run the game, if you can play AAA games on PC in low/medium, you'll have no issues running Mankind Reborn.

- Is the pre-alpha test available, how can I play?

We made the decision to leave our pre-alpha running 24/7 for all Donators. You can jump in at any time by donating at minimum $35 by visiting https://www.mankindreborn.com/donate. Once you have donated to that amount, you will be able to claim a Steam Key in your Account Dashboard. At that time your account will be authorized to log into the game!

- What benefits do Donators receive?

Donators will receive rewards/perks depending on the amount of money donated, for example, if you donate $35, you'll receive a Steam key which allows you to play the pre-alpha and also the game when it comes out, alongside other perks, which more will be added as we move further in development.

- Is there an NDA?

Only for Developers, Community Contributors, and High Command players. At this time, there is no NDA for regular players and you are free to talk about the game and share content. Just be sure to mention it is a pre-alpha build, developed by a very small team on their free-time.

- How many players can connect to a server?

The networking code has been a focus of obsessive optimization and has been worked on extensively during development, right now it has shown to support up to 30+ players in a single server with no issues, which was the amount we could get on at that time, we can confidently say we could reach up to 50+ players, every time we reach a new milestone it will give us enough data to see where we can keep improving the code, so we'll be able to support as much as the engine let us do so, but also SpatialOS will be implemented at a later point in development, which will allow us to scale massively.

- I have issues with my account, who do I contact?

Please send us a ticket using our support system: https://support.mankindreborn.com/, and we'll get back to you.

- I got skills, how can I help out?

Unless we reach out to you or post a job application, please don't contact us for a position as we receive these almost on a weekly basis from multiple people. 

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